Advertise Purple
Operator of affiliate management agency intended to develop and execute proven affiliate marketing strategies for client growth.
Developer of a digital pharmacy platform designed to bring a transparent and effortless pharmacy experience at the doorstep.
American Field
Operator of a digital retail marketplace.
Banff Advisors
Executive career management advisory.
Basis Finance
Developer of a financial application designed to transform forecasts and budgets into operational insights.
Blue Acorn
Operator of a digital commerce agency intended to help clients achieve growth through a data-driven approach.
Developer of an autonomous vehicle technology designed to update independent mass transit fleets.
Developer of an artificial intelligence-based music application designed to improve focus, meditation and sleep.
Developer of productivity software designed to tackle a familiar problem with a new approach and business model.
Cybertek School
An expanding education company focused on training prospective entrants to the IT sector.
Developer of a compliance software built to provide an affordable answer to employee ethics communication.
Developer of a wearable motion tracker intended to monitor and view a fighter's punch output in real-time.
Developer of a financial technology platform intended to provide institutional investors with direct access to alternative lending investments.
Fuse Inventory
Developer of a cloud-based inventory forecasting and planning platform designed to generate inventory forecasts on demand.
Gears Unlimited
Operates a global marketplace where artists and musicians can buy, sell, rent, and trade DJ gears and services and supports collaboration with artists.
Genomic Prediction
Developer of polygenic disease screening tests designed to improve IVF health outcomes.
Developer of a sales enablement platform intended to help sales representatives to accelerate the process from the first conversation to signed contract.
Hacker Noon
Operator of an independent publishing platform intended to provide readers with honest, unfettered stories and opinions written by real tech professionals.
Highline Wellness
Developer of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals designed to reduce stress and anxiety, stay asleep and manage pain.
Humen (Sway)
Developer of a content creation platform designed to create personalized media for entertainment and communication.
Developer of a virtual machine software intended to build an exact copy of any information technology infrastructure.
Kea Cloud
Developer of an automated ordering system designed for restaurants to take phone orders.
Operator of a global marketplace intended to streamline procurement, financing, insurance, and logistics.
Lofty AI
Developer of an online real estate platform designed to find properties in neighborhoods primed for rapid appreciation.
Operator of an online marketplace intended to provide authentic and rare digital artworks by digital creators.
Developer of a streaming analytics software intended to make live videos interactive.
Developer of an enterprise platform that connects an on-demand workforce in over 45 countries with businesses that require local market data and insight.
Onyx Motorbikes
Developer of electric daily commuter pedal-assist bikes with dirt trim options.
Opus Immersive
Developer of a vibroacoustic bed designed to release stress and provide relaxation to an individual by delivering low-frequency vibrations throughout the body.
Phone Wagon
Developer of a call tracking and analytics software designed to attribute phone calls back to specific marketing campaigns.
Developer of software solutions designed to improve outcomes and highlight social determinants in the health care industry.
Developer of artificial intelligence (AI) analytics software intended to empower insurance professionals to harness their data to drive business decisions that boost sales.
Developer of a data operation platform intended to automate work processes in order to help data analysts cut down their never-ending backlogs.
SmartFeed Bra
Developer of a device that provides accurate, real-time measurements and insight on the exact amount of milk your infant has drank.
Super Dispatch
Provider of an online transportation platform intended to eliminate paperwork, manage loads, drivers and billing.
Operator of online and sustainable secondhand clothing platform intended for Instagram sellers.

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