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Start & Form

As your vision becomes a reality, certain essentials are in order.

Raise & Fund

Executing on your business plan and product vision may require you to raise outside capital.

Create & Protect IP

Your IP and trade secrets are valuable–savvy investors shield both from theft and imitation.

Hire A Team

Your business is only as great as the team you attract and nurture to carry out your mission.

Expand Operations

As your company matures, building a broader geographical footprint is critical to success.

Board & Advisors

From pointing out your blind spots to keeping you focused, a board with strong advisors offers many benefits.

Secure & Protect Data

In a data-driven economy, privacy and data protection can make—or break your bottom line.


A sale or an initial public offering are pivotal moments of success, and planning towards them is crucial.


Providing savvy solutions for innovators.

We are GrowthStudio™ powered by Crowell— a diverse group of advisors focused on boosting your business. Equal parts legal know-how and business strategy, we guide you through securing the capital, building the team, and acquiring the resources your business needs to grow.


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